Fool's Golden Crystal

Installation at Diana Stigter Gallery, 2008

This installation consists of a nursery for crystals. Here, in a laboratory-like setting, all possible colours and sorts of crystals are grown. There is a glass plate with a concentration of increasingly small glass jars in which the crystals grow. The installation is in a constant state of flux as the crystals continue to grow throughout the exhibition.

The process is identical to the growth of crystals in nature and if provided with more space and time they could grow indefinitely and reach incredible sizes as happens deep down under the earths crust.

As these crystals grow faster, fewer atoms are squeezed into the structure and therefore the crystals are brittle. The rapid growth manipulated by man contrasts with the slow pace in which a crystal in nature grows.

Crystals are geometrical structures which repeat themselves endlessly from the molecular level until they are so big we are able to see them, which gives us a glimpse into the reality which underpins all things.