Finite and Infinite Games

Installation In-progress, 2009

The tangible becomes less tangible in my installations. The intangible, like the flare on a photograph, takes on physical presence.

Photographs are capable of capturing light as a solid form, the presence of a flare in an image makes the intervention of the lens visible. Photographs capture the physical presence of light. I emphasise this function, because light is really all that we see, translated by the brain into shapes, textures and colours. The camera works like an eye: its output is subjective and relative depending on how it interprets light. The camera extends and externalises the gaze. My images make this more explicit.

The floating pentagons of a flare are made physical in the shape of glass dodecahedrons. They are placed in a glass tower in the house of a collector and can be seen from a distance. On overcast days the pentagons are transparent. When the sun emerges they reflect light and project bright colour. The ephemeral lighting effect has become tangible.

Production: Studio JB