Golden Pond Vanilla Well

Installation at de Brink in Vries, 2006 commissioned by skor

The artwork is a pond installed permanently on an expansive, green lawn surrounded by houses. A shortcut was built leading through the field to the pond.

Underwater pumps produce bubbles in the water. Now and then vanilla-scented vapour is released from the bubbles. When the sunlight hits the lining, the pond appears to be filled with liquid gold. Depending on the weather the rising vapour produces a golden haze, like a mirage hovering over the pond.

In the evening the upward orientation of the underwater lights interacting with the smoke produces a dramatic effect. The vapour is turned into an almost solid form, hanging above the ground.

De Brink is a home for people with developmental disabilities. Its residents do not mature mentally or emotionally beyond the level of very young children. They have been given matching golden rubber boots to wear whilst running and splashing in the magical pool.

Production: House of Bouw
golden pond