In/visible Colours

Installation Biennale Open Source Amsterdam, 2009

Most of my installations are alternately visible and invisible. By appearing and disappearing, they hold the spectator’s attention, and every experience of the work is unique.

At the Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station, my installation contains colours that appear and disappear. Sunlight falling through a normal window, produces a coloured grid of light on the floor of the station as though the window was actually made of stained glass.

The floor has been painted with invisible paint which becomes coloured under the influence of UV light.

My work attempts to visualize aspects of the world that are difficult to grasp without resorting to familiar labels and formulas. In this installation, the molecular structure of the floor’s pigment is altered by UV light: a wavelength normally invisible to the human eye is made visible.

The installation refers to our perception; there is in fact no colour in the world, the wavelength of light interpreted by the brain is producing the colours we perceive. At first glance, the installation is magic: but it only proves the magic behind what we believe is real.

Production: Studio JB