Night Rainbow

Installation Maaskade, 2006-2008

Much of my work is based on natural phenomena that transcend the everyday through their immense size, yet are still familiar to everyday life. Variable surfaces are a recurring element of my work.

The dynamic aspects of air, water and light therefore play a vital role in the installations, as when light was projected onto an arch of water to create the Night Rainbow. This variability means the eye cannot fix the image in the mind, and replace ever-changing reality with a fixed assumption.

To observe something is to alter the object being observed, but we also forcibly manipulate and modify our surroundings to inquire more deeply into its nature: I harness the forces of water, air, light, even immovable mountains in my pursuit of the hidden truths that are right before our eyes.

The arch of water is created using water cannon from the fire brigade, pumping water from the Maas. Light from a powerful projector is beamed into the 40 meter tall, 100 meter wide arc of water, creating a spectacular Night Rainbow. The rainbow intensifies as evening falls; it wavers and quivers in the wind. The Night Rainbow is an immense spectacle that must be seen to be disbelieved.

golden pond