Silent Spring

SILENT SPRING 2010 Installation, Exhibition GM8 2012

Patterns of the mind

The building blocks from the projection; time, light and colour, become independent within the resulting image. The image is continually dissected by the rotating surface and through this movement, time is cut into pieces and colour is broken up into its constituent parts. Our brain's inbuilt translation program falters because the tempo of the image does not quite correspond to the tempo at which we translate our surroundings. We become aware that the image does not exist outside of ourselves, and is in fact made in our own head.

More there and less there at the same time

The distinction between form and content becomes blurred, the flapping wings of the birds are mixed with the rotating blades of the fan. As the blades are angled, the projection vibrates three-dimensionally, giving the image depth. The projection surface consists of two thin blades and is almost not material, it is like projecting on air. The blades are everywhere at the same time and seem to evaporate.

The space is filled with wind, the motor and the blades rotating at top speed. There is a tension between the mirage-like image and the raw power required to create it. The ephemeral is an illusion, on closer inspection it is actually very physical and forces the viewer to remain at a distance.