Visual Purple, 2009

Photographs made in the atelier using a window with a peculiar effect, which I created. According to the position of the viewer colours appear and disappear. One can look through both the front and back of the glass, with each side giving a different look. As the amount and angle of sunlight determine how much light the window reflects or transmits, the image changes throughout the day.

The effect can manifest itself in different ways:
One version of the window shows two images of the world, mimicking what eyes perceive individually, before the brain merges them into a compound image. It shows an intermediate step which you cannot normally perceive.

Another version has a particular combination of filters which show an image of reality akin to a misprint, where the different colours of the printing process are not aligned and the constituent process colours become visible.

Visual purple, or rodopsine, is the red pigment in the eye which facilitates sight, it distinguishes light from dark and is therefore at the heart of our vision.