Mirror Mind, Body Double

Installation at Loods 6, 2007

If for some reason you were strung upside down from a tree for the rest of your life, you would eventually see the world right side up. When you look at yourself in a mirror, you don’t see yourself but an image of yourself looking back at you: the reflection is a continuous loop between the real and reflected self. Though we cannot see ourselves directly, we are enthralled by the circuitous reality of mirrors.

I used to model for a painting class, and it was never difficult to recognize the artist behind every portrait because they unconsciously painted aspects of their faces in mine. Just as these painters cannot see how they paint their own presence into a portrait, we often forget how we project ourselves into an experience. In others we see mirrors of who we are without seeing ourselves.

Mirror Mind, Body Double expresses this concept in a landscape of mirrors. The viewer is simultaneously fragmented and multiplied; the diminishing of their image in fact amplifies and distorts it.

In Moving Target, observer and observed are conjoined: they do not see the other’s true colour. One form is black, the other white, but both see a grey image in the confrontation mirror.